To attend the virtual conference please login into the Virtual Hall. The first time you access it is necessary to register on the conference platform. Please pay attention to login/register on the conference platform using the same email address that you have used for your registration.

The poster session is hosted on Gather.Town, a video chat platform that has avatars move around a map.

Main instructions are listed below, for detailed instructions please download the complete conference guideline and the detailed poster guide.


  • For participants and speakers

    Each speaker has 20 minutes for her/his presentation, including 3/5 minutes of floor discussion.

    Live presentation are encouraged but, if you prefer, you can share by yourself a pre-recorded video with your presentation.

  • For session chairs

    A room assistant (named as: Organizing Secretariat) will be in the room and will inform you through the Zoom chat when you can start the Session. She/He will be there for all the session in case of any request or trouble.


  • Accessing Gather.Town
    1. Click on the link provided on the conference Virtual Hall.
    2. Select the available attributes (i.e., body, clothing, and accessories) to create your avatar. If you wish, just leave the default options. Then, enter your avatar's name. Please give it your real name, including your last name. The name will be visible to other participants and poster presenters.
    3. Select your camera and microphone. Participants are invited to use their cameras and microphones especially when interacting with other participants and poster presenters.
    4. Click on "Join the Gathering".
The link will be available on Thursday, September 9.

If you are not sure to be able to fully attend or to have a stable connection you can send your pre-recorded presentation to the Organizing Secretariat no later than September 5th, and we will share it for you.
In this case, please send the prerecorded video of your presentation to specifying all the details related to the title, the speaker and the session your contribution have been scheduled.

In case of acceptance, the registration of at least one of the applicants is required.

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