The 5th European Conference on Social Network EUSN 2021 will be held in Naples on September 7-10th 2021. Carrying on the traditions of the previous European Conferences on Social Network in Barcelona (2014), Paris (2016), Mainz (2017), and Zurich (2019), and aiming at presenting the most relevant results and the most recent methodological developments in Social Network Analysis, the conference brought together sociologists, statisticians, computer and data scientists, economists, humanists, and scholars from all the areas dealing with network science.

In the hope to personally meet, the Conference will be located in the Campus of the Polytechnical School of Federico II University of Naples. In case of unsafe epidemic conditions, the Local Organizing Committee will arrange an hybrid in person and remote conference or a complete online conference.


A. We are currently planning a hybrid in-person and remote conference. We plan to have an in-person conference and to also support remote participation options for those who cannot attend for whatever reason. If for any reasons an in-person conference becomes untenable, we will switch to an online-only format.
A. The conference is hosted in Naples, Italy, by University of Naples Federico II in the new San Giovanni a Teduccio campus. For more information, go to the venue page.
A. Information about registration and fees are available here.
A. Yes, it is possible. For details, see here.
A. EUSN conference is one of the most important European conferences in Network analysis. If you want to contribute as sponsor, please contact the Administrative Staff: infoeusn2021@unina.it
A. Yes, we plan to gather all the abstracts of the conference into a digital book.
A. The most common slideshow formats are allowed. We suggest to provide also a PDF version.
A. At the end of the conference the participants will have a certificate of attendance.
A. Please check the rules for your country. You may also visit the Ministero degli Affari Esteri webpage. If you need a letter of invitation, please contact the Administrative Staff: infoeusn2021@unina.it